Friday, January 6, 2017


            Splashing Rocks has repeatedly exposed the mainstream media's persistent and perverse suppression of news and information revealing the widespread instances of black-on-white crime.  See here and here and here.  But this week in Chicago, four vicious black miscreants descended to a level of depravity that stands out even in the infuriating annals of afro-racist crime that has plagued the nation throughout the Obama years.

    We will not rehash the disgusting details of the self-recorded Chicago atrocity.  Suffice to say, it entailed prolonged subjugation of a mentally disabled young man (18 years old) to the most painful and humiliating abuse, accompanied by anti-white and anti-Trump insults and taunting.

            Had it been left to the likes of NBC, CNN, MSNBC, ABC and their ilk, this grotesque episode of afro-racist hate crime would have been relegated to the dead-letter file which is the destination of hundreds of similar stories.  But we fortunately live in a time when those fraudulent media outlets – now known scornfully as the MSM – are no longer able to suppress news and information they deem politically disadvantageous to their leftist/Democratic cause.

     Hundreds of conservative on-line websites, blogs, and aggregators instantly picked up the deeply disturbing video of the crime that the Chicago perps, incredibly, were stupid enough to publish live on Facebook.  Indeed, the mind-boggling stupidity of these fools in publishing this video falls so far beyond the bounds of even minimal rationality as to defy belief.  One explanation might be that these deranged juveniles act on the basis of atavistic instinct rather than rational assessment.  In any case, it is very difficult to maintain a lawful and civilized society when such crass barbarism is as widespread as it is in Chicago and similar feral cities.
            But even after the full horror of this egregious hate crime had been exposed, MSM outlets like MSNBC and CNN were brazenly attempting to downplay and extenuate the episode.  For some reason – we can guess the answer – MSNBC and CNN rely almost entirely upon black commentators and panelists to respond predictably to race-tinged news stories like this one. 

            Drunk or Sober, Don Lemon is a disgrace to journalism -- and to decency

     CNN's "blackwashing" of the incident was particularly egregious and offensive.  In a black-dominated panel moderated by black anchorman Don Lemon, a black apologist named Symone Sanders (described as a "Democratic strategist") absurdly challenged the obvious conclusion that this self-documented orgy of anti-white torment was a hate crime.  With mind-numbing hypocrisy and audacity, Sanders scolded, " we cannot callously go about classifying things as a hate crime.”  The only "callousness" involved, of course, is Sanders so glibly contending that this patently obvious hate crime could be considered as anything less.
     But Sanders' outrageous extenuation of the Chicago outrage was soon exceeded by Don Lemon himself.  Adopting the standard leftist line that malicious crime should be considered as merely misguided youthful misbehavior when perpetrated by black juveniles, Lemon flatly stated, "I don't think it was evil."  To leave no doubt as to his moral incoherence, Lemon then repeated the same statement for emphasis, adding that it was merely a case of "young people" with "bad home training."  And on this occasion – unlike his boorish intoxication televised nationally on New Year's Eve – Lemon does not even have the excuse of being drunk out of his mind on shots of tequila.

            Lemon is so blinded by his afro-racist prejudices that he not only got his reasoning wrong, but his facts as well.  One of the depraved "Chicago Four" is a 24-year-old mother of two, and the other three are 18 – old enough to vote, make legal decisions, and serve in the armed forces.  And old enough to sink to depths of depravity that would never even occur to a genuinely youthful person. 
            There should be no doubt here:  Don Lemon's depraved and repeated insistence that this vile hate crime was not "evil" confirms beyond any dispute that he is unfit to serve as a television journalist, let alone as the anchor of a nationally broadcast news show.  Any network with a modicum of dignity and responsibility would fire him forthwith. -- even apart from his nationally broadcast tequila bender. But Lemon's blackness itself shields him from the accountability that should mandate his ignominious dismissal.

      Thankfully, the relentless reporting of the conservative on-line media made it impossible for the confused and disjointed Chicago Law enforcement authorities to minimize the revolting racist crimes that appalled all decent Americans.  Initially, clueless Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson sought to minimize the severity of the outrage with a series of inane extenuations.  “If you look at that video… it’s just stupidity,” Johnson bleated.  Not content with stupidity on a global scale, he then entered the rare realm of cosmic imbecility, when he croaked, “Kids make stupid decisions — I shouldn’t call them kids, they’re legally adults. But they’re young adults and they make stupid decisions."  Just like Chicago police superintendents make stupid statements.

     With a delusional blockhead like Johnson in charge of its police, it is small wonder that Chicago has a record-setting murder rate that dwarfs that of even urban war zones like Baltimore, Atlanta, New York, and Philadelphia.

     Fortunately, somewhere in the dark recesses of Chicago government there are some prosecutors and other officials with a modicum of sanity and sense of responsibility to the city's embattled populace.  As this blog is posted, each of the Chicago Four has been charged with hate crimes, felony aggravated kidnapping, aggravated unlawful restraint and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.  Three of these lawless thugs also face charges of burglary, while one has been charged with possession of a stolen car.  And a sensible Chicago judge has ordered them all held without bail.

      It is excellent that the Chicago enforcement authorities appear to be prosecuting these barbarians with the full force of the criminal statutes.  But a crucial fact should not be forgotten:  Had it been up to the mainstream media, this disgraceful episode would likely have been relegated to a forgotten footnote, and the Chicago Four would have avoided the forceful prosecution that they now face.  Thanks to the glare of publicity engendered by conservative on-line truth-tellers, however, the Chicago authorities could not avoid the overwhelming evidence of an appalling racial hate crime that could not be blackwashed.

     Addendum.  Just when you thought that the MSM could not sink any lower in its malicious, anti-white misrepresentation of inter-racial crime in America, this happens:  A vile CBS radio outlet distorted its description of the above afro-racist hate crime in such a way as to indicate that it was an attack on a black victim perpetrated by white Trump supporters -- the complete opposite of what occurred.  The insidious leftist media continue to follow the legacy of  Joseph Goebbels, namely, that the Big Lie is the most effective way to distort reality in favor of the liar's viewpoint.

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