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       As I recently demonstrated on this blog, see "Media Suppression of Racial Realities in Crime Reporting,", America's mainstream TV, internet, and print media have steadfastly suppressed facts, information, and stories that would reveal the infuriating extent of black-on-white violent crime in this country today.  Those who do seek to expose and spread the truth on this issue commonly refer to the media's perverse dishonesty in inter-racial crime reporting as the product of a "double standard" -- i.e., an enthusiastic readiness to report and dramatize the relatively rare instances of white-on-black crime (e.g., the Zimmerman-Martin episode) in contrast with a systematic and institutionalized refusal to reveal the race of blacks who commit violent crimes against white victims, even in the most egregious cases.

         It is beginning to appear, however, that blandly describing this widespread form of media malpractice as a mere "double standard" is far too generous an understatement, serving as something of a convenient euphemism.  The especially perfidious reporting of the most recent of many black-on-white criminal outrages this summer -- the bullet-in-back murder of a young white Australian man in Oklahoma by two black thugs (assisted by a third thug of indistinct, but apparently mostly caucasan, lineage) -- is moving SR to the view that a more genuine description of the media's role in the misreporting of inter-racial crime is one of craven complicity

        In deliberately and systematically concealing and minimizing the widespread occurrence of violent black-on-white crime, the media effectively condones and facilitates it.

        Although one could point to many similar examples, the Associated Press (AP) report of the murderous outrage in Duncan, Oklahoma, was particularly dishonest and shamelessly misleading.  It's opening line states as follows (see Washington Post, Aug. 21, 2012, at p.3, and

               With the simplest of motives -- breaking up the boredom of an Oklahoma summer --
        three teenagers followed an Australian collegiate baseball player who was attending school
        in the United States and killed him with a shot to the back for "the fun of it," prosecutors
        said Tuesday as they charged two of the teens with murder.

      The insidiously deceptive and vapid phrases used to characterize these atrocities -- allegedly bored generic "teenagers" acting on "the simplest of motives" -- served to distract the reader's attention from any suspicion that some kind of inter-racial hate crime may have been afoot.  One would search in vain through every line of the AP/Post report for any indication of the murderers' race.  And the Post's presentation of the story included only a photo of one of the impromptu memorials for the victim, while omitting the mug-shot photos of the hardened faces of the perpetrators that were included in reports on conservative websites. 

                             The Media's "Bored Teenagers" Theory of Summer Murders 

       Anyone depending upon the AP/Post report for information on the Oklahoma atrocity would have been left clueless as to certain highly significant characteristics and motives of the perps that more vigilant and professional news outlets quickly discovered and reported.  While AP and the Post so glibly, falsely, and sneeringly reported that these murders were attributable to the need to escape "the boredom of an Oklahoma summer," vigilant internet truth-seekers unfettered by liberal establishment blinders honed in like lasers upon the darker and more insidious realities at work.

       The ever vigilant Pajamas Media, see Bryan Preston's article at, and other internet reporters, see "Investigation: Chris Lane Death Result of Gangster, Gang Culture," at, lost little time in finding and scrutinizing the Facebook and other social media pages of James Edwards and Chancey Luna, the two arrested perpetrators charged with Murder One.  These materials demonstrate that Edwards and Luna were heavily involved in the so-called "gangsta" rap culture, including possible links to the notorious Crips crime gang.  Pictures of Edwards and Luna arrogantly flashing gang signs were also displayed on the media pages.  It has also been reported that Edwards had expressed hatred for white people on his Twitter account.

         In short, what the mainstream media sought to disguise as a random, inexplicable killing committed by a faceless and generic group of bored and aimless "teenagers" was actually a patently obvious inter-racial hate crime perpetrated by a pair of black delinquent thugs who were openly and proudly associated with the so-called "gangsta" culture and possibly with the notorious Crips African-American crime gang, or a variant thereof. 

        This murder was not "random" and is attributable to something far darker than boredom.  It was instead an act of calculated inter-racial malice perpetrated by barbarians whose own public declarations and displays conclusively reveal their embrace of a violent black-gangster culture.  Any contention that there was no racial element in this atrocity is demolished when one recognizes the absurdity of insisting that these thugs would just as likely have selected a fellow black bystander for random execution.

         The mainstream media's continuing and systemic dishonesty in misrepresenting or ignoring outrageous inter-racial crimes like the recent atrocities in Oklahoma, Brunswick, Georgia (the point-blank murder of an infant in his stroller), and Gulfport, Florida (the infuriating 3-on-1 school-bus beating) does more than conceal the magnitude of black-on-white crime from the public.  It continues to feed the insidious fallacy -- fanned by the Obama administration as well as by the media -- that violent black delinquents are victims rather than criminals.  In doing so, the media obscurantists have moved beyond a mere double standard into the pernicious realm of complicity.


       August 23.  Hardly had the ink dried on reports of the Oklahoma atrocity when another infuriating inter-racial attack occurred and was again either ignored or misreported by various mainstream media cites.  Delbert Belton, a white 89-year-old Army veteran of World War II who had been wounded at the bloody Battle of Okinawa, was beaten to death in a Spokane, Washington, parking lot by two black thugs whose pictures were captured, presumably by a security camera.  The odious perpetrators had not been apprehended or identified as of this post. 

      As usual, the stalwart Drudge Report immediately reported the outrage, including the entirely relevant reporting of the fugitive thugs' race.  Fox News filed a similarly prompt and complete report, but the persistently deceptive CNN's report of the incident reiterated the stock liberal media canard that these obviously racial hate crimes are merely random, shamelessly stating, "It was the second time in a week that a seemingly random attack by teenagers has claimed a life."  It is becoming increasingly apparent that in the liberal media's style book, the term "random" has become a synonym for "black-on-white" or "inter-racial."  Another revealing point:  How does CNN know that the unapprehended, unidentified perpetrators in the Spokane murder were in fact "teenagers"?  They don't, but what does it matter to a news outlet where sloppiness and negligence are at least an improvement on deliberate falsehood. 

      Significantly, as of this morning, both the Washington Post and the LA Times sights had simply ignored this hellacious but totally newsworthy story, with the Post reporting instead on the far more important topic of "NFL bag policy," and the LA Times considering a follow-up story on developments of the prior slaying of a transgender person in Florida more significant than genuine "hot news" on the shocking Spokane murder of an aged WWII hero.

      But the prize for the most fraudulent, deceptive, and unprofessional reporting today goes to the website.  Needless to day, failed to report the Spokane outrage, but it was still dedicating space to concealing the now obvious racial facts in the Oklahoma murder.  Days after multiple outlets had published facts demonstrating that the Oklahoma perpetrators were associated with the black "gangsta" culture, that at least one of them had spewed anti-white venom in his social media outlet, and that two of the killers may have had connections with the Crips crime gang, the CBS site was still perpetuating the fraudulent narrative of a "random" killing by bored teenagers.  Incredibly, CBS ran a gallery of seven pictures related to the slaying, but not one of them portrayed the killers themselves.  And when finally got around to running a story on one of the perpetrator's (Edwards) hate-filled social media postings, it perversely suppressed any mention of the fact that he was black.  A more glaring example of perversely deceptive and misleading reporting of a major national (indeed, international) inter-racial crime story would be difficult to conceive.

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