Saturday, October 29, 2016


     Anyone familiar with 20th century Chinese history knows about the notorious "Gang of Four," the insidious cabal who made bad things even worse during the last years of Mao Zedong's Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (GPCR) in the mid-1970's.  Led by Mao's wife, Jiang Qing, these political miscreants stood out even among the rampant villainy of that dark era in China. 

     Jiang Qing, more easily referred to as Madame Mao, was a former actress who joined up with Mao and first established her Maoist credentials during the dark years in the Caves of Yenan in the mid-1930's.

     When Mao later unleashed the madness of the Cultural Revolution, Madame Mao and her three powerful collaborators -- Wang Hongwen, Yao Wenyuan, and Zhang Chunqiao -- played a key role in fomenting and sustaining the extremism of the Red Guard cadres who roamed and ransacked the nation at will. The substantial power they wielded toward the end of the GPCR (it pretty much had lost its steam at the time of Mao's death in 1976) was derived primarily from their ability to manipulate the mass media, the arts, and the education system.


 Madame Mao and her Gang of 4 could set a creepy precedent

     Madame Mao was the undisputed head of the Gang.  With her background in the arts and as Head of the Film Section of the CCP's Propaganda Department, and as a member of the Politburo, she was especially well positioned and equipped to mold and manipulate the turbulent political currents of the times. 

     More importantly, as the Wife of Chairman Mao himself, Jiang could wield the derivative prestige of the First Lady of the People's Republic of China.  She and her fellow Gang members used that prestige to incite and direct some of the worst excesses of the Cultural Revolution and the Red Guards.
     Suffice to say, any country that falls into the clutches of something resembling the Cultural Revolution's Gang of Four is in for grim times indeed.  When a political clique grounded on nepotism, manipulation and control of the media and political culture, and the blind support of millions of rampaging young thugs establishes paramount political power, national disaster is apt to follow.

     However dismal America's current political condition, it obviously differs in kind and severity from the murderous madness that prevailed in China during the GPCR.  Nonetheless, there are certain ominous parallels that could find America facing the nightmare of a 21st Century Dynastic Gang of Four in the event Hillary Clinton, a latter-day Madame Mao, seizes power in the upcoming presidential election. 

     Perhaps the most ominous parallel is a leftist First Lady exploiting that position to achieve paramount political power to be shared only with a nepotistic clique of like-minded authoritarians.  Additionally, the prospective American clique suggested below would be able to exercise influence and control over a captive media and culture comparable to that wielded by Madame Mao and her nefarious clique.


     Could a new and nightmarish Gang of 4 be in store here?

     This ghastly prospect first occurred to SR upon noting the appalling spectacle of Mrs. Clinton and the insufferable Michelle Obama appearing together at a recent campaign rally.  The shamelessly hypocritical fawning of these nasty left-wing viragoes reached its nadir when Mrs. Obama condescendingly endorsed the former Secretary of State and First Lady as "my girl."

     The alert observer will understandably wonder exactly what Mrs. Obama meant when she possessively described Clinton as "my girl."  Did she mean that Mrs. Clinton, once a political rival of the Obamas, was now safely in the fold and would effectively extend the policies of the Obama administration?  Or that she and Clinton had forged an alliance as political BFF's?  Or that "my girl" Hillary was in the Obamas' pocket, like a New York City mayoral candidate would have been in the pocket of Tammany Hall?  What Mrs. Obama meant, if nothing else, was that Hillary needs the Obamas' patronage, and she better not forget it.

     If Mrs. Clinton is elected, we know for certain that husband and Ex-President Bill (who made Hillary's political career just as Mao made Jiang Qing's) will be lurking around the West Wing like a latter day American Regent.  Anyone who knows anything about Bill Clinton  knows he will never "go gently into that good night."  That makes at least a Gang of Two.   

     Then there are the Obamas.  Rarely has America seen a presidential couple (other than the Clintons, of course) that so enthusiastically and shamelessly exploited every perquisite and prerogative of the presidency as these two classless arrivistes.  They will not lightly depart into anything resembling political or cultural obscurity, least of all if the Democrats retain the presidency.

     We now know, after all, that Michelle Obama considers Hillary Clinton "my girl."  And Mrs. Clinton has made it quite clear that she regards Mrs. Obama's enthusiastic support as an especially inspiring element of her otherwise lackluster and listless campaign.  Meanwhile, President Obama has abandoned any pretext of "presidential" distance and dignity -- in sharp contrast from the politically apathetic George W. Bush -- and has campaigned with fierce partisan intensity in support of Mrs. Clinton. 

     In short, Hillary Clinton will be deeply indebted and beholden to both Obamas if she is elected.  And depend upon it, the Obamas will not be shy about "calling in" their political chips.   Both are still relatively young, energetic, and intensely political, and they will retain enormous prestige and influence among the Democratic faithful even if Mrs. Clinton becomes president.  Moreover, Mrs. Clinton will be a deeply compromised and insecure president due to the legal problems that will linger even if she is elected, thus rendering her even more dependent upon the good will and support of the Obamas.

     The Obamas continuing political influence in a putative Clinton presidency would be amplified by their political primacy with the Democratic Party's most critical and cohesive constituency -- the Afro-American community.  One word from the Obamas indicating that a President Hillary has not been sufficiently deferential to black demands -- including the radical, afro-racist demands of the Black Lives Matter movement -- would severely undercut Clinton's prestige and popularity with black Democrats (which means the vast majority of blacks). 

     All these factors indicate that the Obamas will be able to wield enormous influence with a potential Clinton presidency, even if it is an entirely unofficial capacity.  The same goes, only more so, for the restless political animal who would hold the unprecedented dual role of Former President and First Spouse, the politically irrepressible Bill Clinton.

     So consider the prospect and gag upon it:  Hillary Clinton.  Michelle Obama.  Barack Obama.  And Bill Clinton.  All sitting around a table in the West Wing, forging the Nation's policies and prospects.  A Gang of Four from Hell that could be America's worst nightmare.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016


     What could prove to be a disastrous presidential election looms ominously on the November horizon. 

    After eight years of insidious leftist rule by the Obama regime, a victory for Hillary Clinton and the Dark-side Democrats would bring down the curtain on what is left of a once decent and democratic America.  Four, and more likely eight, years of Clintonian rule would impose a pall of leftist totalitarianism that would obliterate the last vestiges of the constitutional republic passed down to us by the brilliant Founding Fathers who are so deeply despised by Obama, Clinton, and their mindless minions.

     Looking ahead, the prospects for averting this calamity are either fairly feasible or illusory, depending upon which prognostications and polls one believes.

     The patently tilted polls flaunted by the establishment media outlets (like CNN, NBC, and CBS) show Clinton with a comfortable lead that seems to leave little prospect of a Trump victory. 

     These polls are a perfect illustration of the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy.  They are skewed to include a disproportionate  share of Democratic respondents, which assures that Clinton will always have a substantial lead.  The aim is to create and reinforce the impression that a Clinton victory is a foregone conclusion, thereby discouraging prospective Trump supporters from contributing to his campaign and, ultimately, from voting. 

     Like Star Trek's insidious Borg Collective -- which it closely resembles, though without the gothic charm  -- the Democrat/Leftist Establishment aims to persuade Republicans that "resistance is futile."

                            Resistance is not always futile

     On the other hand, a different class of polls -- the daily tracking polls run by the LA Times, Rasmussen, PPD, and IBD -- tell a different story.  These polls indicate an evenly divided electorate, with some of them indicating a very slight Trump advantage.  These polls contemplate a neck-and-neck election in which turnout and voter enthusiasm could be decisive.

     In either case, the prospect of the perfidious Hillary Rodham Clinton's election to the presidency is depressingly real and revolting. 

     The 18th century British sage, Dr. Samuel Johnson, famously observed that "when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully."  In the same vein, when decent Americans realize that a deeply deranged, dishonest, and vindictive virago may be elected President in a fortnight, it should concentrate their minds wonderfully upon the following harrowing consequences that would follow, and move them to rally and vote in massive support of Trump's election. 

     In brief, Clinton's election would expand and consolidate the leftist totalitarian control of this nation initiated by the Obama regime in at least the following particulars:

  • Clinton's appointment of at least three or four more left-wing justices to the Supreme Court would complete and consolidate the Court's destruction of constitutional government initiated by the current Court.  An ideologically and politically corrupt Supreme Court would be guaranteed for about 25 years.
  • This Clinton Court would abolish capital punishment, consolidate and expand reverse race discrimination in perpetuity, obliterate all remnants of traditional marriage and sexual morality, distort separation of powers doctrine in whichever direction favors the Democrats, and eviscerate what remains of states' rights and constitutional federalism.  The text of the Constitution would have no more force than a fallen and withered leaf in the wind.
  • The Clinton regime would "double-down" on Obama's policy of immunizing criminal violence by black urban vandals and felons by perpetuating and reinforcing the canard that police bias against blacks justifies such riotous violence.  The current epidemic of inner-city lawlessness will seem relatively benign compared to the carnage that awaits under a Clinton regime's pandering to the most radical elements of the Black Lives Matter movement and similar hate groups.
  • Second Amendment rights will be severely undermined, if not nullified altogether.  The Clinton Supreme Court would restore the false doctrine that the right to keep and bear arms pertains only to the "militia," thereby clearing the way for federal and state laws and regulations to criminalize the possession of most firearms.  Clinton's election would thus effectively nullify the citizens' fundamental right to defend themselves.  How justifiably angered armed citizens would react to this is unclear, but it would not be pretty.
  • As has already occurred in Europe and Canada, free speech will be restricted at both the federal and state levels under the guise of prohibiting what is fraudulently labeled as "hate speech."  The expression of personal opposition to media- and government-induced "norms" of sexual license and racial reparations will be ruthlessly suppressed and sanctioned.
  • The evisceration and emasculation of the U.S military begun under the Obama Regime will be consolidated and expanded, leaving a military force devoted more to the indoctrination of its personnel in politically correct attitudes and policies than to training warriors how to ruthlessly destroy the enemy.  The disciplined military machines of China and Russia will miss none of this deterioration and will quickly prepare to exploit their resultant advantage.
  • Worst of all, the U.S. will increasingly assume the status of a dystopian totalitarian state.  Government at both federal and state levels, news and entertainment media, public schools, universities, professional and collegiate sports institutions, medical and hospital services, the legal profession, and even religious organizations and institutions will continue and accelerate their merger into an ideological and cultural leviathan that imposes leftist political values and standards upon the entire society.  We are seeing this even now in the government/media/Democrat monolithic alliance to guarantee Clinton's election by any means necessary.
     This and much more is what is at stake in this election.  Those who purport to oppose these dire national consequences, and yet decline to vote for Mr. Trump because of his admittedly exasperating personal flaws, will have much to answer for if the appallingly corrupt Mrs. Clinton (in alliance with her indisputably degenerate husband) is elected and seizes the reins of power. 

     Even from the standpoint of personal character and decency, Clinton is far and away the more repulsive candidate.  She is a proven national security criminal, willing to compromise sensitive classified information in order to shield her own corrupt communications from public disclosure, while brazenly subverting the Freedom of Information Act.  She and her family have exploited the fa├žade of a "charitable" foundation in order to enrich themselves and advance their personal agendas.  Her sneering and scornful mistreatment of Secret Service protectors and other persons forced to serve her is well-documented, and demonstrates the basic nastiness and pettiness of her termagant personality.  And, in utter disregard for truth or justice, she endorses and exploits the most extreme racial libels leveled against honorable police officers and, indeed, against white Americans in general, in order to appease the radical demands of Black Lives Matter and other afro-racist groups.

     By comparison, Donald Trump's ribald remarks and misbehaviors of decades past shrink into insignificance when measured against the dismal consequences of the policies and programs Clinton would impose on the nation -- let alone against the proven corruption and nastiness of Clinton's character.

     Given all this, rarely have American voters had more reason to "concentrate their minds" upon the prospect they face in the next fortnight or so.  It might not be the gallows, but if decent Americans do not "hang together" and reject a Clinton presidency they may suffer separately under a demoralizing regime of leftist totalitarianism.