Thursday, August 8, 2013


               As noted in my prior posts and elsewhere, the major television, internet, and print media outlets deliberately manipulated the facts of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case to create and cultivate the inflammatory and false narrative of an outrageous white-on-black crime.  The Obama administration and the Holder Justice Department seized on this opportunistic mythology and ran with it to appease their most-favored minority constituency.  Notwithstanding Zimmerman's acquittal by an honest jury, Holder's minions at DOJ continue to cultivate and pursue the possibility of a federal civil rights lawsuit against Zimmerman, although it is evident to informed legal observers that adequate grounds for such a suit are lacking and that even Holder will have to reluctantly acknowledge that in the end.
                But a more recent and deeply infuriating inter-racial crime, and the major media's blatantly dishonest response to it, underscores in harsh relief the profoundly disturbing corruption of both the media and the Obama administration with respect to the inter-racial aspects of violent crime.

                Back on July 9, three 15-year-old black delinquents participated in a brutal beating of a smaller 13-year-old white boy on a school bus in Gulfport, Florida.  The story only surfaced nationally because it was recorded on video and, in the parlance of the day, the video "went viral" on YouTube.  The video reveals a sickeningly sadistic assault by a group of criminal bullies who have since been charged by authorities with aggravated assault (one has also been charged with robbery of the victim). 
               The bus driver in question, who was a 64-year-old black man, did not intervene physically to stop the assault, although he did tell the assailants to stop and placed a call to dispatchers urgently calling for help.  The youthful victim somehow managed to leave the bus, with a broken arm and black eyes, apparently before the authorities arrived.  The assailants were later arrested and charged, but apparently have been released pending trial or plea.  They should be charged as adults and prosecuted for felonious assault, but one suspects they will be tried as juveniles and escape the lengthy imprisonment they deserve.

                                          Mainstream Media contemplates Black-on-White Crime
                Appallingly, but not surprisingly, major media outlets reporting this outrageous criminal assault suppressed its inter-racial character.  It should first be noted that the crime would not likely have been reported at all but for the widespread circulation of the sickening video on the internet.  But even when television media outlets picked up the video, they apparently doctored it to conceal the fact that the victim was white.  As reported in the Bayou Buzz,

                                But one reason the case has not become as racially charged as other attacks
                may be that many news outlets have either not shown the first few seconds, before
                the victim goes down behind a seat, and others blur out his face to the point that his
                race is no longer apparent.

                Apparent video doctoring was not the only evidence of media manipulation to suppress the exposure of another black-on-white crime that underscores the absurdity of the false "We are Trayvon" narrative of the purported national threat to young black males.  A quick spot-check of media reports identified by an internet search shows that both national and local media reports of the incident deliberately suppressed its manifest inter-racial character.

                A CNN report, at, slyly focused attention on the issue of the bus driver's responsibility, neatly diverting attention from the real issue of a violent inter-racial beating of a young boy on a school bus in apparent retaliation for reporting a drug-pusher.  CNN not only failed to report that the victim was white, but even suppressed the race of the black perpetrators (made obvious on the video).  Both the Tampa Tribune and the Orlando Sentinel also suppressed the racial component of the crime in their stories.  The Sentinel's journalistic dereliction was even more outrageous.  Its headline of the story read "Teens beat classmate over a marijuana dispute [emphasis added]."   Not only does this headline deftly divert attention from the inter-racial bullying aspect of the beating, but it insidiously implies that the victim may have brought the beating upon himself by some kind of involvement in drug dealing.  Thus, in their perverse commitment to the distortion of racial reality, the media portray a brutal inter-racial assault as a "marijuana dispute."

                 The most infuriating aspect of such deliberately deceptive and truth-suppressing reporting on racial matters in the mainstream media is that it is part of a consistent pattern rather than an isolated episode.  That pattern is so well-documented as to require no further elaboration here.  See, e.g., "Newark Star Ledger admits to censoring race in savage mob attacks," (May9, 2012), at  Conversely, of course, the liberal mainstream media is only too glad to report, or even to invent, an inter-racial component when the victims are black or other minorities, as evidenced by the Zimmerman-Martin affair.

                As shown in prior posts, this racially-biased approach in the media's reporting of crime and other policy issues reinforces, and seeks to validate, the Obama administration's similarly biased policies and practices on racial matters.  The Obama-Holder Justice Department has made it clear that it has no interest in investigating, let alone prosecuting, outrageous black-on-white episodes of inter-racial crime such as the Gulfport incident and many others like it.  Yet a single episode of self-defense killing of a black teenager by a so-called "White Hispanic" is deceptively portrayed as evidence of rampant anti-black crime by Obama, Holder, and their media minions, and is relentlessly pursued and exploited by a politically corrupted Justice Department.

                Despite all this, Republican "leaders" in Congress, Statehouses, and elsewhere seem loathe to raise, let alone pursue, an issue that demands strong prominent voices to counter the false racial narrative pedaled by the Obama administration, the Holder Justice Department, and their subservient mouthpieces in the media.  This reluctance appears to be attributable in large part to an irrational and unwarranted concern that opposing anti-white bias in law enforcement and other areas of public policy will offend the sensibilities of constituencies that would never vote for Republicans or conservatives in any event.  Those leaders should be more concerned about the constituencies who do vote for them, many of whom have had enough of the increasingly insidious racial double standard in law enforcement, public policy, and media reporting.


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