Thursday, August 28, 2014


              Numerous prior posts on this blog have warned against the patently discriminatory administration of federal justice under Obama's arrogant black-radical Attorney General, Eric Holder.  E.g., 

                Referring, for example, to Holder's incendiary role in the Treyvon Martin affair -- where he propagated the insidious canard that a vigilant response to widespread criminal violence by young black males reflects white racism rather than necessary law enforcement and self-defense -- Splashing Rocks concluded:  "There is a deeply disturbing pattern here, and the refusal to acknowledge and challenge it will only perpetuate the problem until it reaches more critical levels."  That is precisely what has happened.

                One year after that warning, it has been borne out by the outrageous conduct of Holder and DOJ in the Ferguson, Missouri, affair as well as by numerous other examples of blatantly racialist statements, policies, and actions by both Holder and the broader Obama administration.  The pattern and practice of discriminatory (i.e., expressly favoring blacks and implicitly disfavoring whites and Asian Americans) law enforcement by the Obama/Holder Justice Department has continued and expanded apace, largely because it remains altogether unchallenged, let alone challenged with the intensity and anger that is needed..

                Non-black Americans (and not merely whites) need to wake up to the fact their interests in the federal government's administration of justice have been subordinated to the demands and desires of radical black agitators and politicians. 

                                     THE MEN IN CHARGE OF YOUR CIVIL RIGHTS

                 Attorney General Holder has repeatedly made this clear, by both word and deed.  Encouraged by white America's inexplicable reluctance to confront his outrageous maladministration, Holder does not even consider it necessary or politic to be subtle about his racial bias.  It has evolved into an insulting "in your face" policy, which Holder pursues with impunity and apparent relish.  Consider just some of the abundant evidence.

·         oldHolHhHolder openly relegated whites, Asian-Americans, and other ethnic groups to subordinate status in the Attorney General's agenda by pointedly referring to blacks, in official congressional testimony, as "my people."  (He made this notorious statement in the context of outrageously defending DOJ's refusal to enforce the Voting Rights Act against New Black Panther Party militants who blocked access to voting places in Philadelphia).  Holder's indisputable statements leave no doubt that blacks have undisputed priority in his administration of federal justice and the DOJ.

·         To leave no doubt of his allegiances and priorities, Holder pointedly stressed to the black audience in Ferguson that he was not merely the Attorney General, but a "black man" Attorney General.  He fed the flames of a myth that police and other non-black elements are unjustifiably determined to persecute black males who commit violent crimes -- when such persecution is obviously justified -- and then pretended that he himself has been unjustifiably harassed by police because of race.  In short, Holder "doubled down" in Ferguson on his blatantly Afro-centric priorities and prejudices in dealing with matters that involve a "black/white" component.

·         The Obama Administration, including Holder, has enthusiastically embraced the notorious and malicious racial agitator, Al Sharpton, as their front-line adviser in connection with the Ferguson race riots and related issues.  If there were any remaining doubts about this Administration's commitment to black-radical approaches to issues implicating racial matters, its collusion with the divisive, fraudulent, and insidious Sharpton should remove them.

·         Obama and Holder sought to impose the notoriously radical black activist, Debo Adegbile, to head the Justice Department's powerful Civil Rights Division – an office that should be held by a person whose objectivity on racial matters is beyond reproach.  Adegbile's primary claim to fame, on the contrary, was his relentless race-based advocacy on behalf of the malicious Philadelphia cop-killer, Mumia Abu-Jamal.  Fortunately for us all, the Obama-Holder plan was derailed, but only because the Senate managed to block what would have been a disastrous appointment for even-handed civil rights enforcement.

·         Holder's obsession with elevating the claims and interests of blacks over those of all other groups is not limited to siding with rioting mobs and marauding thugs against the interests of embattled police and law-abiding citizens and businesses, as he did in Ferguson.  He wants to subvert elementary and secondary school discipline by pushing a federal policy to assure that black students never receive more disciplinary actions than other students, even though data confirm that black students commit far more infractions.  In short, Holder is so determined to favor the interests of unruly black students that he seeks to impose discipline guidelines that would undermine classroom order and safety for well-behaved students of all races (including studious blacks), let alone the ability of teacher's to teach without fear of disruptive violence.

·         Holder aggressively supports unending preferential racial treatment favoring blacks in education, housing, financing, and business assistance.  Although even ardent advocates of such racial preferences, or so-called "affirmative action," concede that there must be a "stopping point" to such discriminatory policies, the radical Holder would enforce racial preferences ad infinitum.  As Holder has publicly stated, "The question is not when does [racially preferential affirmative action] end, but when does it begin."  Thus, although the Supreme Court and countless lower federal courts have held that many racial preference or affirmative action programs are so extreme as to be unconstitutional, Holder seriously advances the lunatic contention that affirmative action has not even begun!  The man is not only radical, but pathologically disconnected from reality.

·         While Holder brings the full force of the Justice Department's resources in support of violent black males who have elicited justifiably vigorous police or citizen response, he and his department flippantly and consistently ignore the plethora of federal hate crimes perpetrated on a regular basis by black felons against unsuspecting white victims, including the elderly.  Prior posts on Splashing Rocks and elsewhere have abundantly documented the infuriating details of these extensive cases, which are studiously suppressed by the leftist media.  The disparity between Holder's indignant response to highly questionable cases of civil rights crimes against blacks and his supercilious non-response to appallingly vicious black-on-white hate crimes presents glaring evidence of the Attorney General's patently discriminatory administration of federal justice in America.

·         Finally, there is the recent outrageous case concerning DOJ's persecution of the town of St. Anthony, Minnesota, and the related revelation that Minnesota has become a breeding ground for Somali-American Muslim volunteers to fight for the unspeakably insidious ISIS army in Syria and Iraq.  Holder's DOJ is actually suing St. Anthony for anti-Muslim discrimination because it denied a permit for the establishment of a potentially dangerous Islamic cultural center – even though the denial was based on strictly technical zoning issues.  Meanwhile, recent press stories have revealed that two black U.S. "citizens" of Somali ethnicity who were killed while fighting as members of the ultra-barbaric army of ISIS (the monsters that wantonly execute women, Christians, reporters, etc., etc.) are both from Minnesota.  Indeed, it is reported that as many as 15 Somali-Americans from Minnesota have left America to join the ISIS "cause."  When radical Islam is cultivating these murderous terrorists in Minnesota to engage in the slaughter of innocent Americans and Christians under the ISIS banner, towns in Minnesota are entirely justified to be wary of authorizing the very kind of breeding grounds where such fanaticism is cultivated.  Yet Holder's radical Justice Department seeks to coerce the establishment of such a potential breeding ground in the name of federal law.

     One could go on with a further litany of race-based discriminatory outrages perpetrated by this dangerous Attorney General and his derelict department.  But the egregious examples given suffice to establish the racially discriminatory policies and objectives of the Obama/Holder Justice Department to any observer who is not under the influence of pathological delusions.

     Under the circumstances, it is imperative that the forthcoming congressional elections provide a sufficient Republican majority to check the racially insidious programs and policies that Eric Holder, with President Obama's approval, is imposing upon a passive citizenry that has been acquiescent for far too long.