Thursday, January 19, 2017


     As the date for Donald Trump's inauguration approaches, the spiteful and subversive activities of the Democratic Left have reached a tipping point of destructive extremism. 

     Further, what were once dismissed as the extreme positions of the Democratic Party's radical fringe have now become its core tenets.  Consequently, it is no longer valid for a person to maintain his or her affiliation with the Democrats while purporting to disavow such core party policies as open borders, anti-white bias, anti-police hostility, gender-neutral bathrooms, and bellicose subversion of the incoming elected President and his administration.

     In short, if you are still a Democrat in January, 2017, you own the policies and behaviors outlined below. 

     The toxic character and attitude of today's Democratic Left (i.e., the Democratic Party core) is exemplified by two of many episodes reflecting the Democrats' malicious resentment of Mr.Trump and his supporters as they prepare for the inauguration festivities.

        Jackie Evancho:  Innocent Teenage Target of Democrat Vitriol

     Since the vast majority of celebrity entertainers are vocally affiliated with the Democratic Left, very few prominent singers or other performers have agreed to perform at Mr. Trump's inaugural celebration.  The fact that so many leftist entertainers have spitefully flaunted this celebrity boycott of what has traditionally been a nonpartisan national celebration in itself demonstrates their vindictive attitude.

     But the embittered Democrats are not content with their leftist celebrities' turning their back on the inauguration.  No, they must amplify their spite by directing their mean-spirited malice against a guileless teenage girl who agreed to sing the National Anthem at Mr. Trump's inauguration.

     Jackie Evancho is a remarkably talented classical singer with amazing vocal range.  She has achieved great recording success on the classical and pop charts at only 16 years of age.  Having previously performed at Mr. Obama's inauguration, she was delighted to accept the invitation to do the same at Mr. Trump's.  Instantly, the legion of mean-spirited "progressives" who lurk on the social media like demented vultures pounced on the innocent songstress.  Since Ms. Evancho has no apparent political connections or motives, they resorted to making scurrilous -- and false -- attacks on her standing and prestige as a performer, implying or openly sneering that the inauguration organizers had been forced to resort to a C-list singer. 

     The belittling comments were false, but it is not hard to imagine the young lady's bewilderment at the unprovoked malice directed against her by so many angry adults.  But that is what leftist Democrats do:  Threaten and insult teenage girls who only want to sing for their country.

     It gets worse.  A group of leftist anti-Trump terrorists has been caught on videotape plotting to use noxious butyric acid to ruin an inaugural ball to be held by Trump supporters in the National Press Club.  The vicious plot was taped by the admirable Project Veritas group at a meeting held by the leftists at a notorious Democrat-related DC pizzeria.  The criminal plot has since been reported to the FBI and the DC police, but it is unclear what enforcement action will be taken.  But, again, this is precisely the kind of vicious subversion that is engendered by the Democrats' radical rejection of the legitimacy of Mr. Trump's election and presidency.

             Rep. John Lewis:  the angry, embittered face of the Left-Wing Democrats

     While the mainstream media have been falsely and reflexively labeling the insurgent French and German conservative-nationalist parties (Germany's AfD and France's Front National) as the "extreme right," they refuse to acknowledge the reality that the U.S. Democratic Party is now a party of the extreme left.  This can be demonstrated beyond dispute by listing some notable examples of the extremist policy positions that are now at the core of the Democrat agenda -- to the extent that no serious contender for a major party nomination or leadership position could disavow or deny them.  These are now positions that you own if you remain a true Democrat:

     *  The radical anti-white/black-biased doctrines of the fraudulent Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and similar black entitlement groups.  When a major Democrat presidential candidate timidly sought to soften the BLM slogan by saying "All lives matter," he was shouted down and forced to recant. The Democrats also embrace the offensive and bogus canard of so-called "White Privilege" -- in a country where comprehensive government preferences for blacks have been law, policy, and practice for roughly 50 years.

     *  Endorsement, facilitation, and support of illegal immigration, in a country already swamped by a tidal wave of both legal and illegal immigration.  This is typified by the lawless "Sanctuary City" policies of such Democrat-dominated cities as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and many others. The Democratic Party is fervently dedicated to the eradication and subordination of the historical European-based American majority by legions of immigrants who will vote Democratic precisely because of these policies.

     *  Aggressive enforcement of the most extreme policies and doctrines of the so-called LGBT movement. The Democratic Party not only approves and glorifies same-sex marriage (SSM); it ferociously condemns anyone who disapproves or refuses to participate in its normalization.  Beyond SSM, the Democrats fanatically support the bizarre agenda of the transgender movement, including the obliteration of sexual segregation in bathrooms, showers, and dressing rooms.  The Democrats want legal enforcement of the absurd notion that a person's sex or gender is whatever he or she declares it to be.

     *  The Democrats and their leaders embrace the anti-police rallying cry of the BLM movement -- namely, that the police are at fault whenever they use necessary violence to resist or suppress the criminal aggressions of black and other minority juveniles.  In case after case, Obama and other leading Democrats have endorsed the false narrative of the BLM and other radicals in taking the side of violent perps (like Michael Brown in the Ferguson incident) who attack police and then become heroes of the Left after they are justifiably shot in self-defense.

     *  Perhaps worst of all, Democrats are aggressively seeking to undermine the very legitimacy of Mr. Trump's election and his presidency before it even begins.  Democrat fanatics like Rep. John Lewis have expressly attacked Mr. Trump's presidency as illegitimate, and nearly 60 House Democrats (about one-third of the entire caucus) have joined him in boycotting the inauguration on those grounds.  Meanwhile, fellow Democrat radical Congresswoman Maxine Waters has ludicrously called for the impeachment of Mr. Trump before he assumes office.  This is precisely the kind of wild-eyed, deranged political fanaticism that has engendered the kind of butyric acid-throwing terrorism that presently threatens the presidential inaugural -- which until this year has been an occasion of national unity and at least temporary reconciliation.  In all this, the Democrats are playing a very dangerous game, potentially pushing the harsh divide that already prevails in America to the brink of civil disturbance -- or worse.

     It is hard fact today that the Democrats have failed miserably to win broad support at the ballot box.  Their loss in the presidential election was merely the apex of a movement which has resulted in their minority status in the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House, the governorships, and the state legislatures.  Their deranged resistance to the inauguration of a President whose electoral victory was an emphatic 304-227 reflects the raging, frustrated fury of an embittered party that, by moving relentlessly and recklessly to the left, has richly earned the title of "America's Extreme Left Democratic Party."



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  1. It is so apparent that the only thing that would stop your ridiculous, paranoid ranting is for you to live in a world in which everyone looks and thinks just like you. All of that education under your belt and you're still a little, small-minded man.