Monday, August 22, 2016


            Recent statements by Democrat vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine confirm beyond question what alert observers already knew about the twisted racial views and policies of the Clinton-Kaine ticket and its media and political minions.

             The Obama-Clinton Democrats have moved beyond slavish pandering to the radical demands of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and other afro-racist elements and are now openly advocating the subordination of White Americans – including white behavior and attitudes – to what the Democrats view as the superior claims of blacks.

            In a shamelessly pandering speech to Black Baptists in New Orleans, Kaine made statements that should infuriate and provoke any White American with the slightest regard for the interests of themselves, their children, and the principles of genuine racial equality in America.     

                 Kaine stated (among other obsequious canards) as follows:  "I've never been treated badly in my life because of my skin color or my gender. . . .  I think the burden is on those of us who are in the majority – Caucasians.  We have to put ourselves in situations where we are the minority."

            The first statement is almost certainly false -- unless Kaine has never applied for a job subject to EEOC regulation, sought admission to a university, bid for a government contract, or sought any other benefit subject to federal or state EEO regulations.  In these areas, two whole generations of White Americans (and sometimes Asian Americans as well) have been subject to a lifetime of government-approved racial discrimination under the guise of so-called "affirmative action" requirements – which are nothing more than a euphemism for racial preferences favoring blacks and, later, Hispanics.  Splashing Rocks has previously outlined the history of what is now over 45 years of anti-white racial preferences in Two Generations of Racial Preference – and America Still Sleeps (2013).  Indeed, serious reverse discrimination favoring blacks over whites was already in force as early as 1972, and before.  See N. Glazer,  Affirmative Discrimination pp. 34-35 (Basic Books 1975).

             In short, multi-millions of White Americans have been "treated badly because of their skin color" over the past four decades, and there is a wealth of case law and other official documentation to confirm it. 

             Kaine should just ask the host of white discrimination victims who have valiantly pursued their cases in the face of rampant hostility and intimidation – e.g., Mark DeFunis,  Allan Bakke, Barbara Grutter, Jennifer Gratz, Cheryl Hopwood, and many others – if he really believes that White Americans never face discrimination.  Of course they do, and Kaine proves himself both a blatant liar and a racial Quisling in suggesting otherwise.

            And if Kaine still believes whites are never "treated badly" because of their race, he should try walking unarmed through certain black precincts of Milwaukee, New Orleans, Memphis, Baltimore, or Chicago, and he'll soon find out what being "treated badly" really means.

             Even more disturbing than Kaine's fraudulent denial of anti-white discrimination  was his ominous insistence that the "burden" is on White Americans to embrace the subordinate status of a racial minority – a status that is projected to become a demographic reality in about 30 years.  Making whites a permanent minority will assure the Democrat Party a permanent political majority, which helps explain why white Democrats are willing to betray their own racial and ethnic heritage so enthusiastically. 

             When Kaine and his fellow Democrats admonish White Americans to acknowledge their so-called "white privilege" and meekly endorse every outrageous demand of the radical black activists they are advocating a policy of self-imposed racial subordination unprecedented in human history.

            Among other things, the radical Democrats not only insist that White Americans meekly accept perpetual racial preference for blacks in education and employment but also acquiesce in criminal violence and rioting by urban black hoodlums because – well, because they are an oppressed "minority" and we should therefore empathize with them and their criminal behavior. 

             In the minds of the Clinton-Kaine-Obama Democrats, white failure to embrace the rabid anti-police, anti-white agenda of the Black Lives Matter movement is merely another manifestation of the ubiquitous racism they see in every aspect of American life – except in the endemic black-on-white crime where it is vented in its most tangible form.

             The Democrats' position on these issues is utter nonsense, and any White American who accepts it by voting for the race-baiting Clinton-Kaine ticket is a traitor to their own heritage and to the future of their children and grandchildren.

             An especially galling falsehood in Kaine's New Orleans harangue was the claim that American whites know nothing of what it is like to be in the racial minority, and are therefore incapable of grasping the difficulties of minority status – unless they accept the "burden" of somehow placing themselves in that "situation."

             On this point, Kaine is either deliberately deceptive or woefully ignorant of what is common knowledge.  Whites are already the racial minority in many, if not most, of the major cities of America, including  Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit, D.C., Newark, Richmond, and St. Louis.  They are also in the minority in the Nation's largest state, California, as well as in New Mexico and Hawaii.  Not only are whites a demographic minority in many of these cities, but they are a distinctly subordinate and powerless political minority as well.

                  In other words, the Clinton-Kaine mantra that whites cruise through American life on a supporting wave of "white privilege" tied to their dominant majority status is another insidious canard in the Democrats' handbook of divisive falsehoods.

                    Mr. Kaine's racial demagoguery, of course, reflects the equally repugnant positions of his Red Queen, the utterly amoral and deeply dishonest Hillary Clinton.  Clinton has demonstrated that she will not only continue but actually expand Barrack Obama's black-preferential policies in civil rights, law enforcement, personnel appointments, and other areas subject to federal government control or influence.

             Mrs. Clinton is not content merely to pander to the worst elements of afro-racist extremism – like Al Sharpton and the BLM movement – but she is now expanding her immoderate racial rhetoric to the point of insulting ordinary White Americans and the nation's law enforcement community.

             This insufferable virago has curtly admonished White Americans "to recognize our privilege and practice humility."  Millions of unemployed and under-employed whites in Appalachia and elsewhere will be surprised to learn that they are racially "privileged" -- especially when many of them have actually been discriminated against under federal and state affirmative action regulations that officially favor blacks over whites. 

            Similarly, legions of white students denied admission to their chosen college in order to assure admission of minority affirmative action applicants with inferior qualifications may be understandably reluctant to "recognize their privilege."  They might even be inclined to think that a form of "black privilege" has become a permanent feature of the nation's college admissions regime.  If so, they would be right. 

             But Mrs. Clinton carried her distorted racial views to even more insulting extremes when she threw the nation's embattled police under the bus in order to curry favor with the destructive BLM movement and other black radicals.  In one of the Democratic Presidential debates, she firmly agreed that it is a "reality" that law enforcement officers view black lives as "cheap."  One wonders how she could possibly know this.  She then expanded her insidious slander of the law enforcement community by declaring that there is "systemic racism in our criminal justice system." 

             These and other statements confirm an appalling reality:  Hillary Clinton, like Obama, is willing to inflame the passions of black hostility towards the law enforcement community in order to curry favor with the BLM movement and similar extremists.

             If elected President, Hillary Clinton will continue the divisive racial policies which, under the direction of Barrack Obama, have brought the nation to the brink of outright racial hostilities – in Ferguson, Baltimore, Milwaukee, and many other urban geysers.  Now the Clinton-Kaine Democrats prescribe a regime of de facto white subordination as the necessary means of avoiding that calamity.  Solid citizens of all races should reject any candidate or party that would take us down such a divisive and debasing path.

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