Tuesday, July 12, 2016


                In the wake of the appalling Dallas massacre of five white policemen by a black terrorist, more heretofore lethargic Americans are realizing that the festering threat of anti-police and anti-white violence can no longer be ignored.

                A notable indicator of this emergent resolve is the rapid response to a citizens' petition calling on the White House to designate the obnoxious Black Lives Matter movement as a terrorist organization.  The petition was submitted to the White House by someone identified as Y.S. on July 6 – one day before a monster named Micah Johnson perpetrated his anti-white police assault in Dallas.  The assault occurred in the context of a Black Lives Matter (BLM) anti-police demonstration, and Johnson invoked the cause of BLM in his exchange with the police before he was taken out.

                Y.S.'s petition was rather inartfully worded, and it is probably more accurate to describe BLM as a hate group rather than a "terrorist organization" within the meaning of the governing statutes and laws.  Further, few signers of the petition (SR was an early signer) actually expected President Obama – who is firmly on the side of the BLM movement and their virulent campaign – to respond to it with anything more than a curt rejection.  But unrealistic presidential action is not the genuine objective of most who sign the petition.  Rather, it is to make an unequivocal public condemnation of the malicious anti-police objectives and the outrageous civic disturbances (such as illegally blocking major highway arteries) of the BLM movement and its supporters.

                When SR signed the petition, there were only about 10,000 signers on board.  Remarkably, however, the number of signers expanded with startling speed – motivated, no doubt, by their fury at the Dallas atrocity and still other anti-police and anti-white violence and disruption that soon followed.

                Only five days after its initiation, and only four days after Dallas, the petition had exceeded the goal of 100,000 signers required to force a formal White House response under the rules governing the petition process.  At this writing, the petition is approaching 120,000 signers, although the numbers can now be expected to tail-off since the main goal has been reached.

                Although the petition's success is only a tentative indicator that people are finally coming to grips with the reality of the violent anti-white temper of the BLM movement and its mobs, the nature and requirements of the petition process show that this episode has more significance than may first seem apparent.  Unlike the typical on-line poll or survey, one could not support the petition under the safe cloak of anonynmity.  Rather, signers are required to submit their name, home address, and e-mail address – to the White House office that administers the petition process!  Signers are advised that "President Obama and the White House may send e-mails about this and other issues."

                Consequently, the 120,000 odd citizens who have signed the petition were willing to make a very public declaration of their condemnation of the BLM movement – and thus expose themselves to being classified as racists or worse by a White House that has openly declared its support for BLM and its goals.  In short, those signing the petition were truly standing up to be counted on an issue that most of their fellow citizens would rather ignore.  The BLM petition therefore may represent an early sign that the sleeping giant of justifiable citizen resentment against anti-white and anti-police agitation by BLM and similar afro-racist elements is finally awakening.

               Addendum:  Once again proving Putin's amazing audacity and keen understanding of America's political and moral decadence, Russia has announced its plans to put Black Lives Matter on Russia's "Unified List" of organizations that have been "recognized as terrorist groups by Russian Law."  In other words, Putin promptly and vigorously recognizes the destructive and dangerous nature of the racist BLM organization that Obama continues to embrace and encourage in its racist, anti-law enforcement program.  The Russian report underlying the proposed action also points out that tens of millions of dollars age being contributed to this "racial hatred group" by billionaire supporters of Obama.

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