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            As a somewhat close student of Chinese history, I had always thought that the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (GPCR) of 1966-74, initiated by Mao Zedong, was the most extreme example of an entire nation undergoing a form of mass insanity, or mass mind alteration, in modern times.  But what remains of the erstwhile United States is presently experiencing a collective surrender of reason that in many respects is even more radical and insidious. 

             The Cultural Revolution, after all, only worsened a nation and political culture that was already immersed in extreme communist totalitarianism and mass conformity.  In contrast, the currently deranged United States remained at least a modestly reasonable democratic republic, with considerable remaining strongholds of liberty and individualism, as recently as 2008. 

                But now those strongholds and remnants of liberty and decency are rapidly disappearing, as American continues its depressing descent into a destructive and nasty cultural revolution of its own.

             China's Red Guards:  Forerunners of Mass Madness in Obama's America

                During the GPCR, China was essentially taken over by hordes of radical Maoist youth, known as Red Guards.  They roamed the country at will, imposing their most extreme notions of Maoist political correctness upon a cowed and craven citizenry.  With almost no tradition of individualism or civil liberties, there was no one to resist or confront the mindless political lunacy that swept across China.

                A striking hallmark of the GPCR was its utter contempt for Chinese cultural or historical traditions – even recent ones.  Not even the most revered colleagues of Mao, who had been with him through the Long March to the triumphant takeover of Beijing in 1949, were immune from the ravenous attacks of the Red Guards.  Men who had been revolutionary icons were pilloried, humiliated, and driven to "re-education camps" when the Red Guard mobs attacked them as "capitalist roaders" or "bourgeoisie reactionaries." 

                The GPCR and the Red Guards then set out to destroy what they referred to as "The Four Olds" – old customs, old culture, old habits, and old ideas.  Mao specifically charged his cadres to attack and destroy "traditional values," with no distinction between good ones (like respect for education) and bad ones (like subordination of women).  Any resistance to this monolithic political and cultural upheaval was ruthlessly suppressed.  Almost overnight, the ideas, standards, and beliefs that had been embraced and accepted by virtually the entire Chinese nation were deemed anathema, and anyone who clung to them – or even failed to condemn them with sufficient conviction – was subjected to public humiliation, political show trials, or banishment to the Chinese equivalents of the Gulag in Xinjiang or other grim hinterlands.

                Which brings us to America in 2015:  the era of the lawless Obama presidency, the oligarchical tyranny of a corrupt U.S. Supreme Court, a supine and spineless Congress, and a cowed conformist populace that is only too glad to surrender the liberties and values bequeathed to them by their generational betters.

                All these circumstance have combined to subject the United States to a dark and degenerate cultural revolution of its own, completely upending the traditions, standards, and moral principles bequeathed to us by the giants and geniuses of the American Revolution, the Civil War, and other pillars of our history.

                Just as Mao and his allies unleashed cadres of rabid Red Guards to impose monolithic Mao Thought upon the Chinese people, Obama, the Supreme Court "Gang of Five," and their media minions have unleashed a political and cultural tyranny that is making mincemeat of constitutional government, individual liberties, and the longstanding moral and cultural traditions of the United States.

                Examples of America's overnight descent into a perverse cultural and political degeneracy abound.  Both high and low, prominent and nameless, legions of lost Americans have suddenly turned their backs on values, beliefs, standards, and traditions that, only yesterday, they firmly embraced.

                What was immoral and evil for nearly all of human history, has suddenly, and inexplicably, become admirable and good.  Conversely, beliefs and standards that were honored and accepted by virtually all Americans and other civilized humans for millennia, and as recently as two decades ago, are now condemned and reviled as not only wrong and mean-spirited, but deserving of societal condemnation and persecution.  The society's most basic moral beliefs and principles have been turned utterly upside down in less than two decades, and in the case of millions of Americans, in a matter of several years.

                This complete and sudden reversal – not merely change, but utter reversal – of accepted standards and norms has been most emphatic in the area of sexual morality and the institution of marriage.  This is probably the most radical and fundamental change brought about by the American Cultural Revolution (ACR) – especially if one reviews where we recently were, and where we now are, over a very short span of historical time.

                Americans of all stripes generally agree on describing the men and women who combined to defeat Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan in World War II as the Greatest Generation.  And there can be no doubt that the revered members of the Greatest Generation almost uniformly considered homosexual activity disgusting, harmful, and fundamentally immoral.  Further, the warped concept of so-called same-sex marriage would have been so utterly bizarre to the men and women of the 1940's (and the 50's, 60's, and 70's, for that matter) that their only response to a question of whether they approved of it would have been:  "Are you out of your mind?  What lunatic came up with that sick idea?"  

               There is no exaggeration in these statements of simple historical truth.  That is "the way we were," plain and simple.

                American society's overwhelming disapproval of homosexual sex – let alone the biological oxymoron of two men "marrying" one another – generally held firm for the remainder of the twentieth century.  As recently as 1987 – when the Bangles and Bon Jovi were topping the pop charts – 75% of Americans expressed their firm conviction that homosexual relations were always wrong.  And in 1988, only 11% of Americans expressed approval of same-sex marriage (SSM).

                Fast forward to the disjointed and dismal year of 2015.  In the space of an historical micro-second, millions of Americans abruptly abandoned and repudiated the standards of sexual morality and family structure they had held from childhood.  Just as occurred in Mao's Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, a relentless, monolithic movement orchestrated by government, a left-wing political party, and a subordinate media imposed its will upon a cowed and compliant populace -- a nation of conformist sheep.

                Homosexual activities that had been illegal, immoral, and almost universally deplored only years before were suddenly not only legal and beyond reproach, but admirable and even celebrated.  Major American cities were suddenly teeming with pro-homosexual parades and festivals, with officials and politicians of all stripes falling over themselves to outdo each other in endorsing and embracing the sodomite lifestyle.
                This radical inversion of cultural and moral standards was consummated with the U.S. Supreme Court's preposterous holding that the U.S. Constitution somehow mandates the states' validation and blessing of "marriages" between two men or two women.  The politically and ideologically corrupt majority of five justices – America's own "Gang of Five" – perversely held that the liberties guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment somehow included the "right" of two men to demand that the state authenticate their unnatural homosexual union as a valid marriage -- of equal standing with the natural marriage of one man and one woman. 

                But when the Fourteenth Amendment was adopted back in 1868, homosexual sodomy was universally condemned and criminalized by all the states.  Marriage was universally limited to heterosexual unions, and the suggestion that two men could "marry" – let alone that the Fourteenth Amendment guaranteed their right to do so – would have been met with appalled and outraged derision by every single state legislator who participated in its adoption.  In short, the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage decision ascribes to the authors of the Fourteenth Amendment an intent that is conclusively contradicted by the indisputably demonstrated beliefs and understandings of those men.

                A more distorted, illogical, and fraudulent assault on rational constitutional analysis would be difficult to concoct.  The corrupt Justice Anthony Kennedy's "opinion" for the court was nothing more than a free-flowing, stream-of-consciousness expression of his own maudlin and prurient philosophical preferences, bearing no discernible relationship to the text and history of the Constitution.  In short, Kennedy's opinion in Obergefell v. Hodges has more in common with James Joyce's Ulysses than it does with the jurisprudence of Marbury v. Madison.

                Yet Kennedy and the rest of the Court's Gang of Five could feel confident and comfortable that their deranged and lawless ruling would be embraced and welcomed by predominant portions of the media, the political culture, academia, and a compliant general populace.  The Orwellian atmosphere of cowed and mindless conformity  imposed by the American Cultural Revolution assured no less. 

                One thing is certain about the mass conversion of Americans from their long-held understandings about the morality of homosexual practices and the historical institution of marriage between man and woman as ordained by nature itself:  It did not result from any thoughtful and deliberate reconsideration or analysis of those understandings.

                There is not the slightest evidence that millions of ill-educated Americans suddenly discovered the egregious historical mistake of limiting marriage to male-and-female from a studious examination of the literature, data, and studies on these issues.  After all, it never occurred to the great inquiring minds of history, from Confucius to Ptolemy to Newton to Einstein, that human civilization had fundamentally erred in its universal limitation of the core institution of marriage to man-and-woman.  It is hardly credible that the untutored masses of the superficial civilization of the present age would somehow discover an egregious civilization mistake that had somehow escaped the detection of history's intellectual giants.

                Rather, it is evident from both the suddenness and superficiality of this mass conversion that it reflects nothing more than feckless capitulation to the prevailing mores and convictions of the leftist-dominated political and media culture.   Just as the Chinese people cowered and capitulated before the onslaught of Mao's rabid Red Guards, much of the American population have abjectly abandoned their standards of sexual morality and social sanity rather than resist the relentless, Orwellian onslaught of the American Cultural Revolution orchestrated by the Obamist totalitarians and their media minions.

                So complete and craven is the popular submission to this cultural and moral madness that congressional Democrats can call for the actual eradication of the terms "husband" and "wife" from the federal statute books without eliciting more than a murmur of resistance.

                But the deranged subversion of civilizational standards of sexual morality and family structure is but one manifestation – albeit a glaring one – of the dystopian cultural revolution that has descended on America.  Splashing Rocks will next examine the ACR's accelerating onslaught against the values, culture, traditions and, indeed, the basic rights of White Americans – and the obvious question of, where is the White Anger?

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