Wednesday, January 1, 2014


            In 1964, California surfer-boy troubadors Jan and Dean released their hit recording, "The Little Old Lady from Pasadena," which hit No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and became a part of American pop folklore.  The catchy song featured a hot-rodding old lady in tennis shoes, whose NASCAR-style driving was so aggressive that she became known as "the terror of Colorado Boulevard" – the iconic central avenue of Pasadena, which annually hosts the perennially popular Tournament of Roses Parade.

                Fast forward to New Years Day 2014, and consider the dark and depressing state to which Colorado Boulevard, the City of Pasadena, the State of California, and, indeed, the U.S. have fallen.

                The new year has revealed an entirely new terror of Colorado Boulevard, and it has nothing to do with aggressive drivers, whether superannuated or otherwise.

                No, we now learn that the Tournament of Roses Parade, long renowned for its universal appeal to families and enthusiastic New Years Day celebrants of all ages, has been hijacked and corrupted by the emboldened forces of the homosexual advocacy movement (HAM).  Parade officials have announced that the parade will include a same-sex "marriage" (SSM) float, on which a purported homosexual marriage of two men will be performed live during the parade.  The two men, one bearded and one bald, have appeared on TV interviews, and they do not make a pretty sight.


                                   Caligula approves the Rose Parade's Same Sex Marriage Float

                It is not enough that the relentlessly obnoxious forces of the homosexual movement have corrupted and undermined such heretofore wholesome and morally upstanding institutions as the Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts.

                It is not enough that it has conspired with its political allies in the Democratic Party and the White House to infiltrate the very Armed Forces of the United States, and has cowed the spineless General Staff of the services into not only accepting, but now embracing, what it condemned and opposed only a few years ago – the subversion of unit cohesion and solidarity through the introduction of avowed sodomites into the barracks and naval bunking compartments.

                And it is not enough that forces of aggressive homosexual advocacy have now subverted and degraded the very bedrock institution of modern human civilization – the marriage of one woman and one man for the procreation of children and the formation of enduring families.  The gay rights movement's relentless campaign for the oxymoron of same-sex marriage -- aided and abetted by the Obama-led Democrat Party and the liberal judiciary, and acquiesced in by passive and conformist masses of the citizenry – seeks to equate the romantic matrimonial ideal of "white lace and promises" with the grotesque, smirking parody of black leather and licentiousness.

                Not content with American society's astonishingly rapid acceptance of what that same America would have almost unanimously dismissed as utter lunacy only a generation ago, the HAM has become so smug in its successes that it now feels comfortable in engaging in deliberate public provocation of the remnant of society that is still capable of taking offense at the patently offensive.

                 And, make no mistake, the performance of a purported marriage of two men on a float in the Tournament of Roses Parade is a massive and deliberate provocation and affront to the millions of traditional-values families watching the parade in person or on TV.  That parade (and others like it) is understandably viewed as a family-friendly spectacle where parents and children can enjoy spectacularly beautiful rose-laden floats, spirited college and high school marching bands, and smiling beauty queens without the depressing distraction of the ugly realities of the darker side of modern life.  But the same-sex marriage float obnoxiously interjects an offensive element of controversy, confrontation, and effrontery that is the very antithesis of what the parade represents.

                Further, the same-sex marriage float introduces something even more sinister and subversive into the once wholesome atmosphere of the Tournament of Roses Parade.  There are undoubtedly many parade participants, in high school bands or sponsors or creators of various floats, who consider the same-sex marriage float offensive and objectionable.  Yet these people have devoted enormous amounts of time, effort, and expense towards their participation, and many will have traveled thousands of miles for what may amount to the most exciting event of the year for them.  Given these realities, it is probable that even those participants who object to the SSM float will suppress their objections and enjoy their big day in the parade notwithstanding its subversion by the homosexual activists.  By their participation in a parade that very visibly honors and glorifies homosexual marriage, however, people who actually object to SSM are placed in the position of appearing to approve and endorse it.  They are subtly commandeered as props, providing unwitting support to the SSM movement.  However unfair it may seem, it is difficult to maintain that you object to a movement when you have marched in step with it on national television.

                Sadly, most of American society has descended to a state of such flaccid moral indifference that not even the most offensive public degeneracies can provoke public outrage.  Whether it is Miley Cyrus simulating perverted sexual contortions on a TV awards show or two men engaging in a grotesque parody of marriage on a float in the Tournament of Roses Parade, the great mass of Americans either shrug in amused indifference or profess to a pseudo-sophisticated annoyance at those who are so puritanical to express offense.  Consequently, it is not surprising -- although deeply disappointing -- that one upstanding woman's effort to organize a boycott of the SSM-infested Parade on Facebook has drawn only indifferent support (only 7,571 "likes," including mine, as of New Years Eve, a paltry number by contemporary digital media standards).

                So on New Years Day 2014, it appears that thousands of Rose Bowl Parade participants, and many millions of parade viewers, will fall in lockstep in the mindless march towards societal degeneracy that is epitomized by the festive celebration of the oxymoron of same-sex marriage.  The non-conformists who hark to the principled beat of a different drummer will have no parade they can march in this year.

                 Somewhere, Caligula is smiling.

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