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          SR regrets the absence of posts over the past few weeks, owing to two distinct reasons.  An invigorating beach vacation with a lively three-generation family, and reasonably decent body-surfing waves at Sea Isle City, NJ, accounts for the first portion of the break.  But my blog-silence was prolonged by less pleasant factors:  the accumulation of appalling developments in the news during this interlude, including the U.S. Supreme Court's constitutionally incoherent de facto endorsement of the unnatural oxymoron of same-sex marriage, temporarily rendered me speechless with astonishment.  Only now am I beginning to regain what passes for equanimity in my rock-splashing state of mind.  I plan to first address some of the deeply disturbing racial issues raised in the wake of the clearly valid acquittal in the  George Zimmerman case.  Later, I expect to examine the distortion of young children's natural values and perceptions that are likely to follow from the mindless and indiscriminate acceptance of the homosexual agenda by an increasingly large portion of the American public, which is likely to expand further yet in the wake of the Supreme Court's incoherent rulings. 

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                 Following the acquittal of George Zimmerman for the self-defense killing of Trayvon Martin, the Obama Administration has reacted in a manner that further confirms a racially biased approach to justice and law enforcement policy that has long been evident but which has been overlooked by both the media and what passes for a Republican opposition. 

                While Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and other Administration hacks studiously ignore outrageous incidents of black-on-white crime that would appall even the most hardened observer – like the almost unbelievable recent point-blank shooting and murder of a 13-month-old white infant by two black teenage thugs in Brunswick, Georgia – they deliberately distort and exploit the jury-validated self-defense killing of a young black man by a Hispanic man in a manner intended to perpetuate the canard that white racism pervades the American justice system.  From these and other episodes (like the notorious New Black Panther voter intimidation case), it is becoming increasingly clear that the administration of justice under Obama and Holder is infected by a strong element of pro-black  bias.

                Promptly after the killing of Mr. Martin, Obama helped to sensationalize and elevate the case with his gratuitous observation that if he had a son, he would look like Martin.  The obvious purpose of this statement was to place the presidential imprimatur on Martin's status as an icon of black victimization, while its obvious result was to further inflame public and media outrage against Zimmerman. Obama hadn't the slightest knowledge of what actually happened in the tragic confrontation in Florida, or whether legitimate self-defense was involved, yet he chose to use the presidential bully pulpit to help transform a routine local law enforcement matter into a racially inflammatory media circus that would seriously undermine the nation's race relations.
                Meanwhile, Eric Holder's Justice Department sent its so-called Community Relations Service to Florida, where (at taxpayer expense) it joined with race-baiting black and so-called civil rights organizations in organizing rallies, marches, and protests that further inflamed racial antagonism against Zimmerman and anyone supporting or defending him in connection with the Martin confrontation.  Rather than seeking to cool racial passions and encourage dispassionate compliance with the rule of law, the Justice Department stoked the frenzy to convict Zimmerman in the court of public opinion before a jury could fairly determine his guilt or innocence based on the actual evidence.


  Media Justice for Mr. Zimmerman -- Sentence First, Verdict Afterwards

                 Notwithstanding the fanatic, relentless prosecution by a band of ruthless special prosecutors -- cheered on by a grotesquely biased liberal media baying for the defendant's head like the Queen of Hearts -- Zimmerman was acquitted by the jury on all counts.  The integrity and objectivity of the jury's verdict is emphatically underscored by an especially compelling circumstance:  a contrary verdict would have spared them the menacing threats, insults, calumnies, and genuine dangers to themselves and their families that resulted from their conscientious decision.  They followed the evidence where it led them, and took the heat.  But future jurors in similar cases might not be so courageous after observing what a dangerous and thankless task it is to reach a verdict that does not conform to the angry demands of the media-driven mobs.

                 Although the Administration itself had contributed to the racially incendiary nature of the Zimmerman case, Obama issued a statement after the verdict stating that although the case had elicited strong passions, "we are a nation of laws and a jury has spoken."  The statement signaled that the jury's verdict should be respected and that the nation should move on to the task of preventing "future tragedies." 

                But hardly had the President's statement faded from the airwaves before his insufferable Attorney General was on the racial stump, assuring the various black groups and agitators that the case was far from closed, notwithstanding the President's admonition that "a jury has spoken."  He declared that, notwithstanding Zimmerman's full acquittal, the Justice Department would forge ahead with its aggressive investigation into a possible second criminal prosecution of Zimmerman on federal civil rights charges.  The Justice Department even solicited the submission of any additional "evidence" that citizens might have to a DOJ website, even setting up a public e-mail address to receive "tips" from civil rights groups and the like. 

                Holder and his feckless DOJ minions must be aware that they have no legal basis for bringing any federal criminal charges against Zimmerman.  The FBI's report of its own investigation of the matter reveals that there is no evidence of racial bias motivating Zimmerman's actions, which would be essential to the federal civil rights charges that Holder insists are still on the table.  Moreover, fundamental principles of double jeopardy militate against such a second prosecution, even if the Department could establish technical grounds for evading the double jeopardy bar under a contrived theory of separate sovereignty.  Rather, it is clear that the Department's persistence in pursuing Mr. Zimmerman is motivated by race-based pandering to black political organizations, racial agitators, and baying mobs in the streets.

                Holder took his pandering and distortion to new levels in a speech to the NAACP further stoking the flames of the Zimmerman case.  He shamefully described the rabid rioting and marauding by mobs angered by the jury's verdict as "peaceful protests . . . designed to inspire responsible debate."  In fact, the protests were violent and radical, such as the reported attack on a Hispanic man in Baltimore where the black "protesters" shouted, "This is for Trayvon."  And while Holder falsely depicted mob violence as peaceful protest, the internet reverberated with countless threats against not only Mr. Zimmerman himself, but his family and the trial jury, including numerous menacing tweats (some by celebrities and famous athletes) that were reported in the media. 

                The race-based violence of the Zimmerman rioters and the race-based Zimmerman-related threats on the internet, Twitter, and elsewhere implicate genuine federal crimes and civil rights offenses that the Justice Department should be forcefully pursuing.  So too, of course, did the unspeakable hate crime committed by the black teenagers who shot the one-year-old white infant in Georgia.  In the same vein, the graphically documented voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party thugs at Philadelphia polling places in the 2008 elections presented one of the most egregious violations of the Voting Rights Act in this century.

                Yet Holder's Justice Department ignores or simply refuses to pursue these and countless similar outrages, even while it persists in pursuing the persecution of a man who has just been acquitted of all charges by an honest jury in a vigorously and relentlessly prosecuted case involving apparent self-defense.

                The Holder Justice Department's disparate approach to these matters provides persuasive evidence of a racially biased administration of justice.  Holder and Obama, both black, are in full control of federal law enforcement in today's America, and both are closely associated with, and committed to, the political and legal agenda advanced by black interest groups like the NAACP, the Rainbow Push Coalition, and others like them.  The persecution of the so-called "White Hispanic" neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman is part of that legal agenda, while the pursuit of the black teenage killers in Georgia, the black voter intimidators in Philadelphia, and those who bandy violent threats against Mr. Zimmerman and the jurors who acquitted him is not. 

                There is a deeply disturbing pattern here, and the refusal to acknowledge and challenge it will only perpetuate the problem until it reaches more critical levels. 

                Next SR will address the obscenely distorted presentation of the Zimmerman case by what passes for the "news media" in a nation that seems increasingly indifferent to fair and accurate reporting of the difficult issues that affect its welfare.


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